Think you are recycling your 3d printing waste? Think Again.

A common misconception about 3D printing is that you can throw you waste plastic in your recycling bin. Wrong.


It is our mission to educate people on this misconception and to provide a viable solution.


3D printing generates a lot of waste. Project PLA has created the perfect solution to recycle any 3D printing waste!

How it works

Project PLA enables you to recycle any waste generated by your 3D printer starting at only $3.99 per pound.

Accepted waste

We accept any waste generated by your 3D printer. This includes anything from plastic spools to failed prints to old 3D prints and models. Please do not send in 3D printer parts or printer ink cartridges.

You ship

Along with our boxes, we also offer a ship by weight option. You ship your 3D printing waste to us. We charge a flat rate of $4 per pound of 3D printing waste you send in, and you handle the shipping. If you know how to ship yourself, then you can save a few bucks by using this option. 

Which one should you choose? If you know how to ship yourself and you have the time, then you might save a few bucks with You Ship. If you don't know how to ship and would like us to handle it, our Project PLA boxes are for you.

New - Get rewarded!

We now offer rewards, get $1 back for every pound of 3D printing waste you recycle!



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