Q - Why do you need Project PLA?

A - The problem with 3d printing is that it uses plastics that aren't typically accepted by your local recycler. In fact, virtually no residential recycling facilities accept these types of 3d printing plastics. The common 3d printing plastics, PLA, ABS, and PETG, are all classified as "type seven" plastics, or the "other" plastics which recycling facilities do not take. Project PLA connects you to these niche recycling facilities for type seven plastics. Enabling you to recycle your 3d printing waste!

Q - Why use Project PLA?

A - Project PLA finally allows you to solve the pesky problem of 3d printing waste. If you 3d print, you know failed prints and waste plastic are a must. Project PLA provides an easy service to allow you to recycle all your 3d printing waste.

Q - Who is Project PLA for?

A - Project PLA is for anyone who 3d prints, from individual makers with one 3d printer to a large maker space with twenty. Our varying box sizes allow us to accept whatever amount of waste plastic you produce.

Q - How much money do we make per box?

A - Most people think we are overcharging. We're not. Let's break down the costs for a small box. To ship a folded up small box to you, it costs $3.45. When you ship your box back to us with ~3 lbs of waste in it it costs about $12.96 to ship it back. Our recycling facility charges $2.00 per pound, so with three pounds it would total to $6.00 for recycling fees. And don't forget payment fees. They add up to about $1.17. Paypal charges a flat fee of 0.30 per transaction as well as and another fee of 2.9% per transaction. Total expenses for this box add up to $23.58. For this box we charge $29.99, thus making $6.41, or a 21% profit margin. So no, we are not overcharging.

Q - Who do we send the waste to?

A - We send the waste plastic to major recycling facilities in the United States that can recycle these types of plastic. They then sort out the mix of plastic into each individual type. Once they aggregate enough of each type of plastic, they ship it off to manufacturers who can reuse these types of plastic back into their production of new plastic. 

Q - What do we accept?

A - We accept any waste generated by your 3D printer. This includes anything from plastic spools to failed prints to old 3D prints and models. Please do not send in 3D printer parts, or printer ink cartridges.

Q - What about the recycling crisis?

A - You have probably heard the news about China not accepting our recycled plastic, putting recycling companies out of business. The problem with the recycling crisis is that there is no demand for these recycled plastics, however in our case, there is! These filament manufacturers create demand for your 3d printing waste, and are constantly using recycled material in the production of new filament. It is a win-win, as it lowers their costs of production, and helps the planet! So no, we are not going out of business, and we have the demand to actually recycle your waste.

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